Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started on Rainmaker?

You can be up and running on Rainmaker within 30 minutes. The intuitive layout makes it easy to set up.

We provide a  comprehensive user manual embedded in the application. We also provide you with a useful guide called “Tips on how to generate the most revenue from Rainmaker”. We cannot stress enough how important it is to read this guide. In it, we share our first-hand experiences in conducting diagnostic interviews with real clients (what works and what doesn’t) to help you extract the greatest value from this innovative diagnostic tool.

What staff training do you provide?

The advantage of Rainmaker is that it can be used by anyone and the supporting manuals do allow users to get up and running quickly. You do not have to be an expert in any legal field to have a Rainmaker conversation with a client.

In addition, we can provide in-house training to assist your staff to help them get the best out of Rainmaker.

Training can be tailored to your needs and could include:

  • Introducing the Rainmaker Audit to new and existing clients
  • Contacting lapsed clients to introduce an audit
  • Rainmaker Audit “elevator pitches” to be used at networking meetings
  • Preparing for a Rainmaker Audit meeting
  • Role plays on how to conduct Rainmaker Audit meetings
  • How to complete the report and identify the new business opportunities
  • Following up post audit and “asking for the business”
  • Keeping in touch following the audit

What customer support is available?

You can contact our Support team for free by email with any questions or suggestions. Technical support is provided from Australia. We endeavor to deal with support issues with 36 hours during the working week.

I’ve made a mess of a report, can I start from scratch?

Rainmaker will always provide an automatically generated version of the report. In order to get back to the first unmodified version, you can click the “Discard Changes” button next to the report on the Reports page.
To better manage reports, we recommend saving the unmodified version as a new version report and always working on that. Just click “Save As” rather than “Save”.

Can I customise the Rainmaker report?

The Rainmaker default report is fully customisable so you can edit it as much or as little as you like to suit your firm’s and your client’s specific requirements. You can also save different versions of the report, such as a summary version and a detailed version

Is our data safe?

We secure your information and database at a top tier web hosting company who control the physical and environmental components of security. We employ the highest industry standards in our development process. Access into the application is handled by two levels of password authentication that you set. It is your responsibility to ensure that your passwords are only made available to the appropriate users within your firm. All administrative, user and key business transactions are logged and recorded to build a historical audit trail that can be analysed if necessary.

Do you back-up data?

Yes, but only whilst  you have a current active user licence .   While we adhere to best practice policies and procedures to prevent data loss, including a daily system data back-up regime that includes a secure transfer to a second data centre, we will only store data for a limited period of time in accordance with our standard business practices so you should always make copies of the data you have input into Rainmaker.

Is Rainmaker usable on a mobile device?

Rainmaker is designed for larger screen users because of the amount of information that you’ll be entering. In the future, and based on user feedback, we’ll revisit this design decision to make Rainmakers user interface more responsive to smaller devices.

Why do I have to login twice to access Rainmaker?

Due to the sensitive nature of the data stored within Rainmaker, we have decided to add an extra layer of security by requiring an additional Rainmaker specific password. So the first login is to your Rainmaker account, whereas the second login is to Rainmaker Audit.
We highly recommend logging out of Rainmaker as soon as you have finished using it, as a precautionary measure to reduce the likelihood of unauthorised access to your account

Can Rainmaker staff see my confidential client information?

No. Your client info is encrypted with a unique key for each subscriber. Our support staff do not have access to that key nor do they have the ability to decrypt the information.
Because only you and your authorised users can see your client information, if you need assistance with Rainmaker, we won’t be able to answer questions related to client information. We’ll only be able to help with questions related to how to better use Rainmaker.

Can I change my password?

Yes, simply click on the Settings link and follow the prompts.